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GEC providing a wide range of construction & contracting activities

• Civil Construction: Infrastructure Work (Building, Workshop, STP, Water Supply Network, Oil Well Pad, Graded Road, Caller Pit, Chain Link Fencing & Security System Etc.)
• Flowline Construction (new and replacement)
• Pipeline construction (CS, PE & DSS)
• Structural Fabrication
• Shed Construction
• Sand Blasting & Painting
• Tank & vessel Cleaning
• Earthwork, Well Pad Location
• Transportation & Rental of Equipment’s
• Road Re-Sheeting / Grading
• Supply of Manpower & Equipment
• Mechanical Maintenance
• Waste Disposal Dumpster Trucks
• Camp Installation & Maintenance
• Porta-cabins supply, refurbish

CMEI activities details

• Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Pipeline Constructions:
• CMEI & Pipeline Construction division holds considerable resource capability and experience in the field.
• Cross country pipelines, Flowline (CS, DSS, GRE & PE) construction including all types of fabrication works.
• fabrication, erection, commissioning of oil and gas pipelines.
• Civil works including site preparation, earthworks, road re-sheeting, road asphalt, Location Preparation, Cellar Cleaning, Yard preparation, Fence & Gate, Sleeper pre-cast.
• Heavy concrete works including pre-casting and in-site casting

GEC offer pipelines Pre-Commissioning and testing services

• Hydro-testing: hydro test of a pipeline is a method of testing to check the integrity of pipeline against any major defect, GEC provide a filling pumps, high pressure positive displacement pumps, break tanks, test end, temperature and pressure monitoring, recording instruments in order to perform the highest level of accuracy and precaution.

• Gauging: An economic method to assess the internal profile of a pipeline. We ensure the pipelines are free of all buckles, kinks and weld over penetration or dents, as we gauge the pipelines internally using a gauging pig.

• Pneumatic Testing: testing with nitrogen or air. Detailed risk analysis and system design specifications will be reviewed before testing with a compressible medium. As the medium is gases it has the ability to compress and contain a large amount of stored energy (typically 200 times greater than a hydrotest test at the same free volume and pressure condition). Extreme caution is therefore required when using this technique.

• Preservation/Mothballing: The utilization of the hydro-test fluid for mothballing is highly practicable. To avoid unnecessary operational complications, either dehydrated “dry” produced gas or “wet” gas slug dosed with corrosion inhibitors shall be used as the medium instead of treated water. GPS work out on the chemical type, dosage rate based on safe keeping period


Sustainable development is ingrained in everything we do at GEC.
In collaboration with our clients and brand partners, we implement best practices on each of our projects, and sustainable development is an integral part of our work.
We apply sustainable development principles throughout the supply chain and at all stages of the project life cycle.

Wind and solar energy

GEC has assisted clients with environmentally sustainable projects and products.
In Oman, we have been at the forefront of solar energy initiatives.
We are working on a variety of other opportunities to capitalize on the nation’s abundant solar irradiance in order to conserve depleting fossil energy resources.
GEC is also collaborating with international contractors to maximize the country’s wind energy potential.

Green Partnerships

Our brand partners are some of the world’s leaders in green initiatives, and their products help us achieve our vision of a greener world.